Periods Don’t Have to Hurt

Did you know, there is such a thing as a symptom-free menstrual cycle?

Did you know there is such a thing as a standard for a healthy menstrual cycle, that when all the imbalances are gone, looks the same for every woman?

Yes, I know! They told you that whatever it looked like for you as a teenager was your ‘normal’ but that’s simply false.

Did you know that all the ‘uncomfortable’ symptoms of being a woman who bleeds every month are actual signals of a cycle imbalance?

Did you know there is another, healthier normal available to you, one without excessive pain, discomfort, and life interruption?

They say menstruation is the 5th Vital Sign indicating a woman’s whole body health.

Do you want to know what the signals mean for you? Do you want support finding a healthy cycle? What would it mean to you to free up all that vitality each month?

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In this video I go waaaaay down the rabbit hole on this topic:

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