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Pelvic Reset Movement Series – Self Guided

7 Day Movement Series for Pelvic Health, Resilience, and Strength

Come home to your core

Want to experience a deeper connection with your womb and core, boost libido, heal postpartum, or find relief from pelvic or low back pain? The Pelvic Reset Movement Series is in it’s 4th iteration, and is perfect for women new to pelvic embodiment and seasoned womb worshipers alike.

A self paced, guided 7 day journey into breathwork, movement, yoga, active muscle strengthening, myofascial release, self massage, nervous system nourishment, and over all Pelvic Reset!

For these folks:

  1. women with low back pain, hip or pelvic pain
  2. women wanting to stop leaking, and cure incontinence
  3. women who want to boost libido and pleasure
  4. new mamas wanting to heal the pelvic diaphragm (pelvic floor)

Investment: $100

The Sacred Feminine Book

Insights from the Higher Self | A Co-authorship Book Project

I’m very honored to be part of this project, a book like none other, sharing insights of the higher self with a collective of twenty other awakened, insightful, passionate women. 

Topics include Inner Child Healing, Honoring Femininity, Plant Medicine, Psychic Mediumship, the Power of Travel, Mindful Eating, Somatic Healing, Womb Wisdom, and more.

All book sales will be through the individual authors directly, so I thank you in advance for your purchase!

Female Pelvic Wellness Talks

Recorded Talks for Reproductive, Sexual and Spiritual Health

Did you know there are a few *simple* and ancient practices that are making a come back in women’s sexual, reproductive, and pelvic health?

Sarah did a series of talks, recorded and now available to you!

Female Pelvic Wellness Talks | Internal Pelvic Massage
Female Pelvic Wellness Talks | Periods & Orgasm
Female Pelvic Wellness Talks | Sensuality, Libido & Womb Alignment
Female Pelvic Wellness Talks | Fertility, Menstruation, & Menopause


A 3 Day Retreat for Sexual and Spiritual Health

Available online, or in person, individual or groups. Here’s a flyer from a past event:


Vagina Love 101

Want to get together with your best girlfriends over a bottle of wine and ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS about vaginal health, menstruation, and sexual wellness.

Let’s plan a party!

Perfect for bridal showers, women’s gatherings, birthday celebrations, and parties to cheer up your recently separated best friend. We can talk about all the things your school sex-ed class never covered like:

  • Sex Ed for Empowered Women
  • What are good alternatives to hormonal birth control?
  • How do I get off the pill safely?
  • What’s going on with my missing, painful, or irregular periods?
  • What’s the best healthy non-toxic vagina friendly lube?
  • What’s up with that odor down there?
  • How do I learn to orgasm (better)?
  • How does Vaginal Steaming help all this?

Organize your group and Sarah will travel to you with two V Steam stations, her pelvis model Rosie, and a bag of tricks your grandma never taught you, so you can create a Pussy Friendly Tribe of your very own!


  • 2 Hour Party – $200 base up to 6 people, $30/person additional
  • 3 Hour Party – $300 base up to 6 people, $50/person additional
  • One Party planner gets in free.
  • Student discounts available upon request!
  • Virtual Parties available

BOOK a 1-on-1 SESSION!

Time for you to nourish and reconnect with your unique pelvis?

Check out the Services Sarah offers

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