Hey Woman, Let’s Move

Sarah Louisignau + The Living Pelvis Present:

Hey Woman, Let’s Move

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movement foundations for female physiology

“The most powerful women I know, still often lose their power when it comes to their pelvis.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

What This Is:

After 15 years teaching yoga professionally, I retired because it was creating serious dysfunction in my body. I was taught to practice like a man, in a female body. This six week in-person series will immerse you in a new way: movement and yoga specific to the female body. I will teach you how to walk, breathe, and move like a woman, heal low back and pelvic pain, how to heal/prevent incontinence, prolapse, heal postpartum, and build pelvic floor supplicity – all through movement as medicine.

What To Expect:

  • Sisterhood, self-love, and nourishing connection
  • Childcare available on site at Elev8!
  • Unwind harmful patterns learned in yoga, pilates, dance, and other fitness industries
  • Understanding about the physiological difference between male and female bodies, and why it matters
  • How to move like a woman, breathe like a woman, stand, sit, walk and exercise with your female anatomy and function valued at the center.
  • Learn enlivening pelvic anatomy, movement and embodiment practices
  • Progressive understanding, strength, and stability of pelvic alignment and healthy posture/movement patterns
  • Prevention and healing of many pelvic and reproductive dysfunctions, including: heal low back and pelvic pain, heal/prevent incontinence, prolapse, heal postpartum, and build pelvic floor supplicity – all through movement as medicine.

The Deets:

LOCATION: Elev8 Climbing Gym, TC, MI

DATES: Fridays, November 3 – December 8

TIMES: 10:30am – 11:45am

COST: $200 for 6 week series (no drop-ins)

Space is limited to 15 women, so save your spot today!

The Bows:

Studying with many influential teachers over the years has informed my approach, and this series will be a synthesis of what I’ve learned plus my own intuitive body literacy.

I want to bow to a few teachers in particular: Kimberly Ann Johnson, Keli Garza, Kris Gonzales, Adelaide Meadow, Katie Bowman, Marlo Fisken, Isabella Malbin, Inga Muscio, Yuki Tsuji, Leslie Howard, Tami Lynne Kent, Sheri Winston, Joan Miller, all brave women bearing the torch of truth and wisdom.

Sarah Louisignau

Somatic Guide at

The Living Pelvis

Sarah Lou (WolfMother) is passionate about reconnecting humanity, specifically women, to the body of the earth, their living pelvis, and the sacred feminine. She is a writer, publishing on her Substack The SheWolf Pack, as well as a co-authored book called The Sacred Feminine: Insights from the Higher Self.

She’s a doula, pelvic & abdominal bodyworker, vaginal steam facilitator, pelvic floor therapist, E-RYT500 yoga teacher, menstrual cycle analyst, and infradian rhythm and cycle syncing guide. She leads retreats, workshops and mentorship groups for wildish women reclaiming reproductive, and sexual wellness. Programs she has created include the Feminine Awakening Book Club, Maidens + Menstruation, The Infradian Year, The Pelvic Reset Movement Series, The Sensual Body Reset Program, and Hey Woman, Let’s Move.

Sarah approaches women’s health, birth, movement, and physiology from a feminist perspective, and ​believes in the genius of the body and the brilliance of women. 

Sarah’s first yoga experiences over 20 years ago brought her in touch with the psycho-somatic depths within the female pelvis. Yoga opened the door to healing her own trauma and trespass experiences, and quite literally to a world of embodied movement and hands-on somatic therapy. 

She’s spent thousands of hours in physiological training including many styles of ​movement​ & ​​anatomy​, and began to notice that most of her training was based on male bodies, ​and did not support her ​or her female client’s empowerment or health.​ ​So she’s passionate about movement physiology​ ​specifically for the female body​ and pelvic health​​. ​She also practices vedic thai bodywork, maya abdominal massage, pelvic myofascial release, TRE, and coaching in sexual, menstrual​,​ and reproductive ​health​ for women​ in Traverse City​, Michigan.