Immersive Packages

Sometimes I offer something different: Immersive Packages

Are you at a threshold of some kind and need deeper support?

This is for those who want a higher tier of support than a one-off session with me provides. Bodywork, MFR, Coaching, Womb /Fertility Support, Deep Healing… anything I do. Think of it like an investment. In YOU, your next level. Each person is unique, so each package design will be unique.

We begin with a 1 hr consultation, where we co-create a road map. We will design the focus, frequency and duration of our time. This could be like a private rite-of-passage or retreat, which could be one big weekend, or a three month journey. Always with lots of one-on-one support between sessions.

This may be the best way to make sure you get the touch, mirroring and tending you need to make it all the way through. Where elders and a village are missing, it’s sometimes quite isolating and disorienting to go it alone. I’ve tried, I know, and I believe in the power of sacred containers that hold us.

You don’t even need to know what you need, we will discover this in conversation. Sometimes all we know, is that we need support. Sometimes it isn’t rational, it’s a feeling.

I love going deep with people, getting to the underlying foundations of things, somatically, emotionally, spiritually… I know I am also quite gifted in helping people gently reveal the heart of the matter, in order to embrace it and evolve. It’s surprising how often mysterious correlations are unearthed in these deeper containers. As you know, I bring a myriad of tools from my 15 years doing this work, and in a package like this, you will have access to it all.

Services and Offerings:

Pelvic Myofascial Release

Fertility & Preconception

Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork

Bodywork & Wellness Coaching for Athletes

Maya Abdominal Massage

Menstrual Cycle Analysis

Womb Alignment & Feminine Awakening

Yoni Steaming

Infradian Rhythm Coaching

Pelvic Reset Movement & Yoga

Maidens + Menstruation Work

Hourly Rates & Packages

Hourly Sessions: $100/60min | $125/75 min | $150/90 min

Intensive Packages: $500-700/month (biweekly) $700-900/month (weekly sessions)

I continue to offer a sliding scale to anyone for any service
who needs it, no questions asked. Please don’t hesitate, I would
hate to see your self care suffer for financial reasons.

Contact me for more a Living Pelvis Discovery Consult to start the conversation.

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