Pelvic Reset for Women

7 Day Self Guided Movement Series for Pelvic Health, Resilience, and Strength

This is a self-paced 7-Day Pelvic Reset Movement Series that changes the game for women.

So much of the female fitness culture is crawling with unhealthy narratives about working out like small men, over-exercising, flattening the belly, shrinking the waist, and loosing weight. These messages are at the heart of most of our female pelvic dysfunction. All of us could benefit from a pelvic reset, but especially…

These folks:

  • new mamas, wanting to strengthen pelvic floor
  • women wanting to stop leaking, and cure incontinence
  • women with low back pain, hip or pelvic pain
  • women who want to boost libido and pleasure
  • women repairing from fitness industry injury
  • women with disregulated nervous systems
  • women wanting to begin a movement practice and not knowing where to start

Over these seven days, we are going to address all the common, problematic muscular issues that are the primary causes of lower back pain, pelvic pain, weakness, and tension. 

Each class is listed on YouTube, on a secret playlist that you can revisit over and over. Each class has a detailed description on the specific actions and functions we will be addressing.

Each class begins with a 20 minute long breathwork session, that will completely reset your nervous system, detox stress hormones, and alkalize and oxygenate the body, preparing it to receive the nutritious movement you are about to explore.

We then do some signature yoga and movement to gently correct any structural pelvic imbalances, followed by stretching one or two of the contributing muscle groups that tend to be short, tight, and stuck in contraction (or “hypertonic”). 

We will also strengthen a synergist muscle group that tends to be weak or misfiring, causing problems.

Finally, we will restore pelvic sensitivity with some guided meditation, myofascial release, self-massage, or yoga nidra at the end of each class.

Within seven days you will have completed an amazing whole-body and core reset to retrain your embodied experience within your living pelvis. 

Benefits of an embodied living pelvis include:

  • Stable core strength, which unites upper and lower body, which is the bedrock for integrated everyday movement.
  • Freed up breathing anatomy, allowing the breath to descend into the pelvis to massage organs of reproduction and elimination, vastly improving function.
  • Pain free resilient low back and pelvis, which frees up so much vitality!
  • Responsive and enlivened pelvic floor diaphragm, which prevents leaking, organ prolapse, and pelvic pain, and supports increased libido and pleasure capacity.
  • Digestion support, because tonicity and mobility in the pelvis directly improves the lymph flow, breaks up smooth muscle and organ adhesion, thus freeing up the elimination channels

The week at a glance:

Day 1: Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
Day 2: Psoas & Hip Flexors
Day 3: Glutes
Day 4: Deep Core
Day 5: Spine Mobility & Strength
Day 6: Whole Body Integration
Day 7: Restorative Rewire

Date & Time: As soon as you sign up!

Place: Comfort of your own home, via YouTube

Cost: $100


Everything was laid out beautifully and easy to follow. This class was such an amazing experience. I love that it was recorded, I know I will go back and reference it often.

Cassidy, Pelvic Reset Participant

I am enjoying the class and learning a lot.  I have not done breathe work before and I think it is doing me a lot of good.  I am a shallow breather and it is helping me become more aware of my breathing throughout the day.

Chris, Pelvic Reset Participant

“I found that by doing the class each day, I became more aware of breathing through my pelvic floor throughout the day, which has been super helpful for physical strengthening and mentally softening my edges.”

Monica, Pelvic Reset Participant

I have had chronic pain in my right hip and contracted muscles in my legs due to a leg length difference which was just diagnosed a couple years ago.  I am much improved but was still struggling at night with leg pain.  The work this week has made a big difference already.  I have some good soreness but can sit more comfortably and my night pain is almost gone.  So a big thank you.

Chris, Pelvic Reset Participant

‘I am feeling light years better. Stress/mood is regulated, no more urinary urgency, I feel more in touch with myself and better able to be present with my husband and daughter.’

Monica, Pelvic Reset Participant

‘I am really grateful for this work and will definitely carry it forward for my healing.

Chris, Pelvic Reset Participant

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