Internal Pelvic Mapping How-To Guide


A sweet how-to guide into your living pelvis. One of my top three suggestions for women wanting to heal from dissociation, tension and hypertonicity, hypotonicity and desensitization, childbirth, trespass, or trauma. Making this a regular practice is going to revolutionize your life.


Going into the tissues themselves, with your own hands and nobody else can be absolutely revolutionary. It was during Pelvic Floor Teacher Training that I was first invited to go home and explore myself internally. The thought had just never occurred to me before. It was also in this training that I learned the concepts of hypertonicity and hypotonicity, or pelvic tone dysfunction due to too much tone, or not enough tone, both signifying a structural weakness. I theorized by analzying my symptoms at the time that I had hypertonicity, but it wasn’t until I did some internal pelvic mapping that I was able to confirm it. This presented a vital mind-body connection for me, and was a catalyst for the next decade of my training in learning how to guide others and to eventually work internally with women.

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