Athlete’s Intuitive Bodywork

Bodywork specifically for athletes who are in training. It’s important to train intelligently, but it’s also important to rest and recuperate intelligently. Athlete’s Intuitive Bodywork is what makes high level athletes into resilient competitors.

I come to bodywork, movement, and yoga through the lens of an athlete. I’ve worked on and trained high level athletes for over 15 years, focusing on injury rehabilitation and prevention, myofascial release, lymph drainage, and deep kinesthetic and nervous system rewiring. 

I use an intuitive approach, deeply listening to the body in front of me to inform my therapy. 

My specialties include Vedic Thai Bodywork (great for mobility & flexibility), Maya Abdominal & Pelvic Massage (great for low back pain), Pelvic Health specific Yoga (great for core stability and strength), meditation and mindfulness (great for nervous system and stress). 


‘Sarah is the best kept secret for serious athletes looking to smash the pedals and maintain training sustainability, so they can play the long game with sport and life. 

She’s helped me with injury recovery & prevention, nervous system upkeep, as well as thoughtful conversation. Her masterful bodywork has helped me sail through tours with back to back days of 100+ mile rides.’

-Chris Carmichael, former US coach of Lance Armstrong

1 hr – $100 | 90 minutes – $150

If it’s your first session I recommend 90 minutes, because it takes the body some time to get comfortable with a practitioner moving and manipulating in this way.

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