Sarah Louisignau is a writer, womb worker and artiste focusing in ​movement & physiology for women’s bodies, sacred feminine awakening & radical pelvic health

Sarah Lou (WolfMother) is passionate about reconnecting humanity, specifically women, to the body of the earth and their own living pelvis and the sacred feminine. She is a writer, publishing on her substack The SheWolf Pack, as well as a co-authored book called The Sacred Feminine: Insights from the Higher Self.

She’s a doula, pelvic & abdominal bodyworker, vaginal steam facilitator, pelvic floor therapist, yoga teacher, menstrual cycle analyst, and infradian rhythm and cycle syncing guide. She leads retreats, workshops and mentorship groups for wildish women reclaiming reproductive, and sexual wellness, and she has a private bodywork practice in Traverse City Michigan. Programs she has created include The Infradian Year, The Pelvic Reset Movement Series, and The Sensual Body Reset Program.

She lives on Anishinaabe land in Northwestern Lower Michigan.

Sarah approaches women’s health, birth, movement, and feminism from a physiological perspective, and ​believes in the genius of the body and the brilliance of women. Sarah’s first yoga experiences over 20 years ago brought her in touch with the psycho-somatic depths within the female pelvis.

Yoga opened the door to healing her own trauma and trespass experiences, and quite literally to a world of embodied movement and hands-on somatic therapy. She’s spent thousands of hours in physiological training including many styles of ​movement​ & ​​anatomy​, and began to notice that most of her training was based on male bodies, ​and did not support her ​or her female client’s empowerment or health.​ ​So she’s passionate about movement physiology​ ​specifically for the female body​ and pelvic health​​. ​She also practices vedic thai bodywork, maya abdominal massage, pelvic myofascial release, TRE, and coaching in sexual, menstrual​,​ and reproductive ​health​ for women​ in Traverse City​. 

From my studies and experience, I believe our psychosomatic and spiritual work begins here, in rites of passage at reproductive thresholds like menarche, motherhood, and menopause, in reclaiming our womb wisdom and physical bodies after trauma, abuse, childbirth, and loss.

My Journey:

My own journey healing childhood sexual trespass, and my lived experience of feminine awakening deeply informs this work. I was 25 years old when I realized the truth about the mind-body connection. After a series of intense emotional catharsis events during hip openers in my first year of Iyengar Yoga, I started to unravel the deeply hidden trespasses that my body was holding for me, protecting me from, until my mind was able to process them.

These experiences were what I now understand as my first feminine awakenings. I was jolted back into my body, which was speaking to me for the first time in my life, and I could no longer hide. I had caught hold of the tail of a dragon, and I became determined not to let go.

Soon I found myself in an EMDR therapist’s office, and I asked if I could stand in warrior 2, the most volatile posture for me at the time. We designed an approach together, with the guidance of my very own body, to move through some Wild Shit. This was where pandora’s box opened.

Over the next few years, memories flooded me from the abuses I had experienced as a child, young girl and teen. This was uncharted territory, since I previously had no memory of these things. Something very amazing was happening. I was starting to understand why I would get triggered during sex, why I was having horrible periods, and why I kept running away from the good guys, into the arms of the dangerous ones.

Peeling back the onion, layer by layer, year by year, opening and softening the armor I had built up, to stay safe, to stay alive… until I started to become embodied in a way that borders on mystical. The sacred feminine, the goddess, started speaking to me in my dreams, which only happened after I had reclaimed my body and united it with my mind. I realized I have a gift of intuition and am guided by my hands and my body as I work with people.

It hit me like lightening:

Our living pelvis is a gateway to the Sacred Feminine.

Since then, I have travelled the world, trained and studied every approach I could find, with some incredible teachers and practitioners, to unearth wisdom about this psycho-somatic connection. I am a life long learner, my path has been winding not linear, like the feminine flow of a river. I’ve felt guided to this work.

It became clear to me right away that this was my life’s work, from those very first yoga awakenings. I wanted to help other women from the other side, to offer a sketched out road map, where I had none.

The story keeps getting juicier, because the feminine awakening is roaring up inside more and more women every day. It’s a damn good thing too, because we are running out of time. The patriarchal systems we live under are crumbling, and a new design is needed, one that is inter-relational, with the sacred feminine also at the table.

So yeah, hey there. I’m Sarah Lou, WolfMother, and I’m here for the fireworks.

My trainings and studies include:

  • Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork
  • Maya Abdominal Massage
  • Yoni Steaming Practitioner
  • The Infradian Rhythm Lifestyle Coach
  • Menstrual Cycle Analysis & Womb Alignment
  • E-RYT500 Yoga for Pelvic Health, Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Pranayama & Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Holistic Fertility Coaching
  • Birth & Postpartum Doula
  • Maiden to Mother Teacher
  • Permaculture Design

I am also an author, and I co-authored the book The Sacred Feminine, Insights from the Higher Self, with 19 powerful other women. This book shares beautiful personal stories from all the authors about our unique experiences of feminine awakening.

I write a Substack blog as well, called the SheWolf Pack. That’s a great place to be for weekly inspiration, delivered right to your inbox.

Contact me for more information about working together.