The Living Pelvis Book List

This is a curated list of books I recommend for Radical Feminist, Embodiment, Sacred Feminine, and Soul Food reading

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For Pelvic Steaming at Home:

I highly recommend speaking with me or another certified vaginal steam facilitator before embarking on this journey alone. Two of the most powerful forces on the planet are Herbs & Steam. There are some risks that are pretty serious and I want you to have the best possible outcomes!

An Introduction to Vaginal Steaming with Sarah Lou

An introduction to Vaginal & Pelvic Steaming

The Things You’ll Need:

Schedule a Menstrual Cycle Analysis

Consultation assessing your menstrual cycle, so you can understand what your body is telling you through the symptoms of your cycle, and how to remedy any issues.

Click here to schedule with Sarah to interpret your menstrual cycle symptoms

Schedule a Vaginal Steam Consultation

Consultation to check for contraindications and sensitivities, prescribe a personalized herb and steam protocol, and guide you to exploring Vaginal Steaming in the comfort of your own home.

Click here to schedule with Sarah and design a unique herb & steam protocol just for you

Get an in-Home Steam Sauna

Treat yourself well with this amazing Kitara Sauna, supporting a small Maine business, made by women carpenters for women! It’s my favorite for design, craftsmanship, affordability, and sustainability.

Click here to Visit Kitara’s Sauna site – it’s the best! – – use code PelvisLove for $10 of all Kitara steam seats, including savings bundles

Order the Right Herbs

After our consultation, ordering herbs is easy through my preferred herb wholesaler, Kitara. These are the herbs I use and swear by.

Click here to order your herb blend – use code PelvisLove for $10 of all Kitara steam seats, including savings bundles

Cast Iron Electric Burner

Keep your brew at the perfect temperature with this electric burner

Click here for the Cast Iron Burner on Amazon

Small Cast Iron Pot

This little Japanese pot is the perfect size for steaming, fits in any sauna, and works perfectly with the cast iron burner to brew your herbs

Click here for the Cast Iron Pot on Amazon

Here’s a Guided Steam Meditation

A slow guided meditation to help you ease into yourself and resensitize while steaming

A slow guided meditation on Soundcloud

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