Self-Guided Courses & Workshops

Self Guided Movement Medicine with Sarah Lou

Reset Your Core, Pelvic Diaphragm & Spine

Want to experience a deeper connection with your womb and core, boost libido, heal postpartum, or find relief from pelvic or low back pain? The Self Guided Pelvic Reset Movement Series is perfect for Prenatal & Postpartum Mamas.

The Workshop that all Women Need!

Body Literacy for Women & Teens

This 2 hour workshop is the 101 for Menstrual and Reproductive Health that you were never given growing up, and it’s what our teens need to hear.

A guide to Radical Pelvic Care

Internal Pelvic Mapping How-to-Guide

A radical how-to guide into your living pelvis. One of my top three suggestions for women wanting to heal from dissociation, tension and hypertonicity, hypotonicity and desensitization, childbirth, trespass, or trauma. Making this a regular practice is going to revolutionize your life.

Join me on my YouTube Channel for many free resources!

The Living Pelvis on YouTube

Nutritious Movement Classes, Guided Pelvic Reset Breathwork, Yoga Nidra Meditations, Yoni Steaming and Radical Women’s Health Talks on topics like internal pelvic mapping, periods, orgasm, perimenopause, yonin steaming history, sensuality & libido, fertility, and much more.

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