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Hi I’m Sarah, but they call me WolfMother. I’ve been passionate about feminine awakening since 1981.

Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Louisignau (WolfMother) and I’ve been working with holistic pelvic health and women’s empowerment as my full time (dream) job for over 15 years. I’ve challenged the status quo at every turn, and continuously sought out revolutionary thinkers and teachers to study with. My passion borders on obsession, for helping women and girls reclaim their birth rights as mystical creatures, for coming home to live and breathe fully into the living pelvis.

I care about women’s physiology and how it informs our reproductive health, our movement practices, our diet and lifestyle routines, and our spiritual connectivity to the Earth.



Pelvic Myofascial Release & Abdominal Work

Mayan Abdominal Massage and Pelvic Myofascial Release are complimentary techniques I use to open the viscera surrounding the abdominal and pelvic cavities. Amazing for pain relief, circulation, lymph drainage, digestion, reproduction and overall body energetics. Both systems teach that the life force energy begins and ends at the navel and with the fascia.

Athlete’s Intuitive Bodywork

Working with athletes is a passion of mine, and when you are training, preventing injury and supporting injury recovery is paramount, and requires a specific technique palate. Keeping up with regular bodywork makes resilient athletes.

Pregnancy Intuitive Bodywork

Prenatal bodywork is amazing for supporting the tissues and encouraging circulation of blood and lymph, as the body performs the magic of growing life. Options include: table or Thai style (clothes on stretching. Please wear comfy clothing for Thai). Sarah is trained as a Doula & in Prenatal Yoga.

Vedic Thai Bodywork

Vedic Thai Bodywork is a very old massage style originating in Thailand, where the receiver remains clothed (wear comfy stretchy attire). It’s practiced on a thai mat on the floor. It’s like having yoga done to you, working joints and muscles with compression, percussion and stretching.


Soulcentric Dreamwork

Soulcentric Dreamwork is deeply therapeutic, in fact I believe working with the unconscious mystical clues in an embodied way is the most profound healing tool I offer.

Yoni (Pelvic) Steaming

Yoni Steaming practices date back thousands of years, traceable to almost every indigenous Asian, African, Mayan, and Native American culture. Yoni steaming is a gentle method of maintaining reproductive and sexual health with herb infused steam. This practice is deeply restorative to the uterus, pelvic tissues and nervous system.

Infradian Rhythm & Fertility Coaching

The Infradian Rhythm is the lunar 28 day cycle that governs a women’s reproductive life. Because every system in the female body revolves around and is informed by her reproductive health, syncing with her cyclical nature can be life changing. Fertility 101 right here.

Menstrual Cycle Analysis

Menstrual cycle analysis is the first step towards reclaiming vibrancy within your Living Pelvis. The information presenting in the blood cycle is the fifth vital sign – wisdom from your body tells us exactly what you need to find holistic wellness. Gain body literacy and a clear path forward here.


Entering Sarah’s studio, I immediately felt the calm, grounding energy that allowed me the space to share my experience in a safe container. I really appreciate the intentionality and curiosity she brings to her work.”


Sarah is knowledgable and kind and holds such special, gentle, healing space. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her through this healing journey. Highly recommend working with Sarah!”


Let’s discover something great together.