Soulcentric Dreamwork

Soulcentric Dreamwork is deeply therapeutic, in fact I believe working with the unconscious mystical clues in an embodied way is the most profound healing tool I offer.

Over the last few years, I have repeatedly received perfectly timed dream messages, coinciding with massive soul descents and the traumas they unearthed. Working with these dreams in my waking life has been life altering, giving me a sense of being held and guided through some of my darkest times.

Dreams expose wounds that are often untouchable through any other means. And, the dreams themselves almost always offer the exact balms that are needed to heal a wound. Just like jewelweed usually grows near poison ivy, which helps stop the itch, the medicine is there within the dream. Of course it works that way, we are of nature. But we are often unskillful about how we orient our attention to dreams images, we mistakenly theorize, which is why having a dream mentor to work your dreams with you is pivotal to harvesting the medicine. 

So much of my dream life is mysterious to me. I have been studying and training in Soulcentric Dreamwork (with the Animus Valley Institute and Remembering Earth) for the last few years, and still, I’m continually perplexed. But that’s okay with me because I accept that a rational thinking-computing mind cannot ‘master’ dreams. They are the realm of the feminine, the mystical, and the illusionary. They are feral beasts, untamable and wild.

In A Little Course in Dreams, Robert Bosnak writes, “Dreams seem incomprehensible by nature, nonsensical, an insult to ‘common sense’. A dream is not at home in our daytime consciousness. Every dream requires a switchover into dreamlike consciousness that can follow the dream world. Thus, directly translating a dream into daytime logic using preconceived parallels is a method that does not do justice to the discrepancy between dream reality and daytime reality.”

To be a good Dreamworker one must be fully surrendered, embodied, and empty of agenda. One must enter the dreamer’s reality, listening with the whole body, while dancing along the edge of uncertainty. Dreamwork is not about deciphering symbols and making meaning out of what we see.

I approach Dreamwork with a radical feminine lean, supporting women to unearth the messages from the mystery that guide them, body and soul.

Soulcentric Dreamwork is especially supportive for women seeking support with the following things:

  • Finding purpose that is soul fulfilling
  • Deepening self-understanding
  • Reconnection to the Sacred Feminine
  • Revivification of the Inner Mystic
  • Diving into potent dreams or visions
  • Finding answers at potent thresholds
  • Making soul-led decisions
  • Intuition, inner listening, womb wisdom

90 minutes – $150

If it’s your first session I recommend 90 minutes, because it takes us a little time to get oriented. We will descend into the liminal space where the dreams and visions occur, and walk through the dreamscape together. I will guide you with curiosity and intuition towards parts of the dream that feel especially potent, anchoring you into the resources and messages in the dream, with embodiment as a constant goal.