Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Menstruation is the 5th Vital Sign to a woman’s whole body health. It’s time we reclaimed our lost womb wisdom heritage, healed our cycles, and started truly thriving.

The Infradian Rhythm

The Infradian Rhythm is the lunar 28 day cycle that governs a women’s reproductive life. Because every system in the female body revolves around and is informed by her reproductive health, syncing with her cyclical nature can be life changing.

The Infradian Rhythm is the sister-cycle to the Circadian Rhythm. You know this as a 24 hour cycle that governs sleeping, eating (digesting), core body temperature, brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration, and other biological activities. It’s a solar rhythm, and is dependent on light-dark cycles. Energetically it’s the yang, or masculine rhythm. 

The Female Infradian Rhythm is a 28 day cycle, a Lunar cycle that governs our monthly cycles. Some examples of infradian rhythms in mammals include menstruation, breeding, migration, hibernation, molting and fur or hair growth, and tidal or seasonal rhythms. This is a more yin, feminine rhythm. 

And we women live in the world between these two polarities.

That’s why we are so damn amazing!

Infradian Rhythm Syncing (also know as Cycle Syncing) is an essential step for women seeking support with the following things:

  • Support for Young Women at Menarche
  • Fertility and Conception
  • Healing the Menstrual Cycle
  • Coming off Hormonal Birth Control
  • Supporting the Body’s Return to Cycling After Postpartum
  • Healing from Sexual Trespass
  • Nurturing the Sacred Feminine Connection
  • Overall Reproductive Maintenance
  • Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance & Resilience (through a female physiological lens)
  • Support during Perimenopause
  • Making a Home inThe Female Body
  • Reconnection to the Body of Mother Earth
  • Nurturing the Connection with Dreamtime
  • Overall Psychospiritual Maintenance

90 minutes – $150

If it’s your first session I recommend 90 minutes, because it takes us a little time to get oriented. Likely this will be part educational and part practice orientation. Homework and lifestyle shifts will be suggested, with the option to join into a long term coaching alliance to support your transition into full infradian embodiment.

Menstrual Cycle Analysis

Menstrual cycle analysis is the first step towards reclaiming vibrancy within your Living Pelvis. The information presenting in the blood cycle is the fifth vital sign – wisdom from your body tells us exactly what you need to find holistic wellness. Gain body literacy and a clear path forward here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we do an MCA, it’s very beneficial to have 6 months of menstrual cycle data compiled, at the very least cycle length and period symptoms.

Let me help you understand and heal your cycle. Every cycle can seem different at first, but there is such a thing as a standard healthy cycle, and by learning how to read this vital sign, you can learn just what the heck is going on each time, and how your body is offering you the clues to heal.

This hormone awareness is key for your overall health whether or not you’re in a relationship, and can equip you with super important information that your doctor might not even think to ask you.

We cycle for 30-40 years, so working together is beneficial whether you are 16 years old or in peri-menopause. The female body has the ability to experience so many changes over time, and I’d like to teach you how to embrace the ride. Do you have to learn everything? Nope! I get to the point and I make I about you. It can include:

Connection and knowledge – about what’s happening in your own body at all times. What’s normal vs abnormal. What you assumed or heard from a friend 10-20 years ago vs the truth. Learn what your PMS symptoms actually mean, and how to get to the root and heal them.

Body Autonomy- Once you know this information, no one can take it away from you. Knowledge is a right, and knowing how to use the signals of your body will help you maintain your conception or contraception goal no matter what is going on with the politics of your country or your insurance company.

Regular cycles– No matter what your cycle looks like, we never rely on old cycles, we always treat it like it’s new. Regular cycles are easier to work with, because we have a baseline. Soon enough you will see the nuances of how following your rhythms affects your cycle, giving you a report card at the end of each month, so to speak.

Irregular Cycles- Often women come to me with irregular cycles, after getting off birth control, or having a baby for example, and it is my greatest joy to see them healed and return to regular (or discover regular for the first time in their life).

Hormonal issues- like PCOS, Endometriosis, or fertility struggles. Also other annoying things like painful cramps, bloating, headaches, acne, etc. Learn to track them and find a theme, what they might mean, and natural solutions to help get rid of them that aren’t hormonal birth control.

Currently On Birth Control – If you are currently on hormonal birth control then you are not having a real period, even if you are experiencing a regular bleed. It can take up to a year for your cycle to become “regular” again once you quit, so we will discuss how to detox from the hormones, how to trust your body coming off of hormones, how to use your body’s signals for birth control, and if you’re interested, how to prepare your body for conception. If you’re on the copper IUD it is a little less intense, but still a chance to heal your womb.

Conscious Conception- Whether your are preparing for the future or you’ve been trying for years, using information from your body we can make sure you are timing intercourse on the most accurate days. Healing your cycle will save you tens of thousands of dollars in potential future ‘fertility treatments’.

Birth Control- You want smart natural birth control, and you want it whether you’re single, in a relationship, breastfeeding, peri-menopausal, detoxing from birth control, waiting to start trying, you name it. Your fertility belongs to you, and if you follow the rules I teach you with the information we have, you can avoid having a baby until either you’re ready, or never.

2 hours – $250

We will sit down together and go through a comprehensive form to chart your cycle history, your first imprints at menarche, your lifelong relationship with your body, sex, menstruation, and reproduction. It’s part therapeutic, part educational. It’s a tangential conversation that happens at the pace of your nervous system. Sometimes we lay down and breathe together if the content becomes triggering. Always I follow up the MCA with a 7-8 page PDF with a personalized Yoni Steaming Protocol, practitioner reflections and recommendations for moving forward.

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