The Women’s Living Pelvis Reset Protocol

Pelvic Health is the Bedrock of Female Wellness – at any age.

I offer the Living Pelvis Reset Protocol in a specific sequence to help women transform their lives. It is a commitment to yourself, a pelvic health pilgrimage of sorts. This series offers a predictable container within which you will feel safe and held enough to discover true healing. I employ many approaches, modalities and techniques I’ve gathered over the years, yet each woman’s journey is unique.

This series of sessions is designed to bring out the wisdom within your own body as a tool for creation. It offers a unique space to stretch the banks of your capacity as a woman -taking up space and living into your body and living pelvis fully, and therefor into your truest potential.

This journey is for you if you have:

  • a desire to conceive now or in the next year
  • been healing in postpartum
  • a reproductive threshold ahead
  • irregular/disordered menstrual cycles
  • unexplained ‘infertility’
  • scar tissue, endometriosis, adenomyosis, or fibroids
  • painful periods, irregular cycles, PCOS, or ovarian cysts
  • frequent UTI’s or bladder infections
  • low back/ hip/ sacrum/pelvis/knee pain
  • emotional trauma
  • sexual trespass
  • disconnection with your pelvis, femininity, or pleasure

BEGIN HERE Session 1: Living Pelvis Discovery Consultation

1 hr – $100

We begin with an hour long Living Pelvis Discovery Session, where I sit down with you to listen to your whole pelvic timeline, and discover what you are here to work with. It matters a lot to me to witness you tell your story. So much of what we are experiencing physically has psycho-somatic and emotional roots. These roots often aren’t visible to us and can be very confusing, and this is where one of my gifts shines.

I love helping women draw a map through the darkness.

Session 2: Menstrual Cycle Analysis Session

2 hr – $250

Often the next step is to sit down for a Menstrual Cycle Analysis. During the Menstrual Cycle Analysis session we meet for 2 hours and dive in deeply. MCA is the first step towards reclaiming vibrancy within your Living Pelvis. The information presenting in the blood cycle is the fifth vital sign – wisdom from your body tells us exactly what you need to find holistic wellness. Gain body literacy and a clear path forward here.

This session is informative, interactive, and very empowering. The MCA concludes with a 6-8 page personalized plan for moving forward, including vaginal steaming protocols, diet & exercise recommendations, bodywork schedules and infradian rhythm lifestyle integration.

It’s advised to have about 6 months of menstrual cycle tracking data available for this session. If you do not have this data because of being recently pregnant, on hormonal birth control, or are menopausal, we will design a journey to accommodate this.

Session 3-6: Intuitive Pelvic & Abdominal Bodywork

90 min – $150 each

Depending on what we unearth in your Discovery Consult and MCA, we will begin a 4 session bodywork series. This may include Maya Abdominal Massage, Pelvic Myofascial Release, Vaginal Steaming, Internal Vaginal Mapping and Dearmoring, Full Body Intuitive Massage, Maiden to Mother journey work, or Embodied Dreamwork. Everything I do is tailorable for the prenatal/postpartum woman.

I recommend 4 sessions about two weeks apart, but we will design this sequence after your Discovery Session and MCA. Please only schedule one appointment online, we will schedule consecutive sessions in person.

This work is powerful for:

  • Womb alignment
  • Clearing pelvic organ stagnation
  • Restore healthy pelvic muscle tone
  • Organ prolapse/pelvic heaviness
  • Urinary dysfunction including frequency/urgency/leakage/repeat infections
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Painful intercourse
  • Increase sexual sensation, libido, and orgasm
  • Support Maiden to Mother rites of passage
  • Support Mother to Crone rites of passage
  • Fertility and conception support
  • Pleasure capacity expansion
  • Postpartum healing (even years after birth)
  • Heal from traumatic or difficult birth
  • Scar tissue remediation
  • Support healing after miscarriage or birth loss
  • Reduce UTI’s
  • Encourage self-knowing & root wisdom
  • Sacred feminine awakening
  • Healthy masculine polarity

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