Events, Workshops & Intensives

Six Week Movement Series Beginning November 3rd

Hey Woman, Let’s Move

After 15 years teaching yoga professionally, I retired because it was creating serious dysfunction in my body. I was taught to practice like a man, in a female body. This six week in-person series will immerse you in a new way: movement and yoga specific to the female body.

NoMi’s New Resource for Women & Families

Your Wellness Deserves Care

Our mission is to support, educate and empower women in their wellness journey. Through building connections with holistic wellness providers, we strive to help women access encompassing care.

Self Guided Movement Medicine with Sarah Lou

Reset Your Core, Pelvic Diaphragm & Spine

Want to experience a deeper connection with your womb and core, boost libido, heal postpartum, or find relief from pelvic or low back pain? The Self Guided Pelvic Reset Movement Series is perfect for Prenatal & Postpartum Mamas.

TUESDAYS 7:45PM at Elev8 Climbing Gym, Traverse City

Restful Movement for Active Folks

Slow down, return to this moment, and uncoil your spine. Teaching restorative movement and offering hands-on intuitive touch are my love languages. Join us.

For Sale directly from me and at local book sellers in NoMi

Buy My Book Ya’ll!

I’m very honored to be part of this project, a book like none other, sharing insights into the musings of the higher self alongside a collective of twenty other awakened, insightful, passionate women.

Topics include Inner Child Healing, Honoring Femininity, Plant Medicine, Psychic Mediumship, the Power of Travel, Mindful Eating, Somatic Healing, Womb Wisdom, and more.