Vedic Thai Bodywork

Vedic Thai Bodywork or Assisted Yoga or Vedic Yoga is the style of bodywork that is known as Southeast Asian Physiotherapy. Flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers are blended with exotic stretching positions and disciplined breath control, effectively producing a balanced and harmonious integration of the body’s vital systems. 

My bodywork journey began in the Vedic Thai style, over 20 years ago. I have trained with the Vedic Conservatory, and apprenticed with teachers all over the US and Thailand, including Mukti Michael Buck, Yuki Tsuji, and Kay Rhinerson.

This style of bodywork is very unique, and focusing on energetic flow through the meridians of the body. My approach is sensitive, intuitive, and nervous system attuned, and is much softer (and often safer) than this style is often known for.

What specific health and body issues benefit from Vedic Thai Bodywork?

  • All of them.
  • Anything and everything.
  • Sports enthusiasts and athletes definitely benefit.
  • People who are predominantly in their cranium.
  • Physical disorders, rotator cuff disorders, bursitis, limited range of motion, inadequate circulation — both lymphatic and cardiovascular.
  • It definitely addresses the person’s emotions, their psychological well-being.
  • It’s wonderful for very pregnant women who struggle to be on the table.

1 hr – $100 | 90 minutes – $150

All sessions are practiced fully clothed (in stretchy or loose fitting attire) on a thai futon on the floor. Some techniques can be translated to the table if getting down and up from the floor is challenging.

If it’s your first session I recommend 90 minutes, because it takes the body some time to get comfortable with a practitioner moving and manipulating in this way. Longer sessions are available upon request.