The Sacred Feminine Book



A Collection of Insights from the Higher Self

I’m very honored to be part of this project, a book like none other, sharing insights into the musings of the higher self alongside a collective of twenty other awakened, insightful, passionate women.

Topics include Inner Child Healing, Honoring Femininity, Plant Medicine, Psychic Mediumship, the Power of Travel, Mindful Eating, Somatic Healing, Womb Wisdom, and more.

All book sales will be through the individual authors directly, or through local booksellers, so I thank you in advance for your purchase!

Investment: $25 (includes US shipping)

Sacred Feminine Book Reviews:

“Sarah writes a beautiful ballad of dreams, weaving in all the senses as she unpacks the inner knowing… and unknowing. The angst of being human, And that so much of our deep feelings and shit are universal. The deeper we get, the more connected we are. Thank you Sarah for your simultaneous vulnerability and authority of being feminine. “

Chelsea Bay Dennis, Chelsea Bay Design


“Reading Sarah’s chapter brought me into a deep visceral body state, like a remembrance of the feminine/masculine polar bond that we each innately hold within us. Safety, power, and home. In Sarah’s re-telling of a dream quest, her words act as a key to unlock the sacred feminine knowing within.”

Erica Bourdon, Body/Wise


“In late 1995 two forces converged that changed the trajectory of my life; after a brief hospitalization I moved in with my older sister, a senior in college who was house sitting for a professor away on a year long sabbatical. My sister was a women’s studies major at a liberal arts college and the professors home was filled with books and art from around the world. I would spend my time off work absorbing as much as I could. I was fascinated by the culture of women’s studies and inspired by my sisters academic life to begin to hold a vision of my own future through this point of view. The other thing that happened was that I became pregnant with my son, who would be my only child. Motherhood elevated my understanding of being a woman, of feminism and of the sacred/divine feminine. Thus began a lifelong exploration of feminine earth based leadership, spirituality, and philosophy and awareness of and a desire to witness the radical transmutation that awaits a woman who has been initiated by coming fully into sacred self sovereignty. All of which is to say, I have been dedicated to this work personally and professionally for a quarter of a century. I find Sarah’s contribution to this book, and to this momentum, is a fucking! revelation! She writes with a scholarly acuity, because she too is a life long student of the sacred/divine feminine. I was deeply moved by her ability to take us with her through this harrowing heroines journey, she established trust with her scope of understanding and ability to hold space in the telling of her own story— she weaves us into her words, allowing us to imagine this experience for ourselves. This is a mastery of staggering proportions! She midwives her own depth, courage, vulnerability, and curiosity to give birth to what Dr Pinkola Estes calls the “criatura”— the creature self, the wild woman within that is aligned entirely with her inherent wisdom and instincts and an allegiance to self that serves the pack. She has so clearly done deep work to heal and understand herself and then offers up the precious gems she has mined to illuminate the dark caves so we can all find our way. [[I can only imagine what she could do with a whole book!]]”

Christina Ryan-Stoltz,


“Sarah’s writing invigorates my animal feminine body, beckoning me into remembering the attunement and wildness of myself and the world. Through her story, she invites us back into our wholeness, remembering the sacred masculine and feminine, and the potency of these times for transformation. Her dreams, stories of healing her relationship with her ancestral lineage, herself, and the land is an invitation for us to embark on our own wholing journeys with an ecstatic trust that we are supported by more than the visible.”

Tara Rae Behr

“The Sacred Feminine is a life-changing book. It is so full of useful information, tools, and exercises all about feminine energy and what it entails. A must read for sure”

Denise C.

“The Sacred Feminine is the embodiment of the nurturers, creators, lovers, and difference makers. It’s beautiful to see in this lifetime a group of women that shares open-heartedly. This inspires me to share my story and express myself.”

Flora J.

“A powerful book from a powerful group of women! The Sacred Feminine is more than a book: it’s a movement of badass female entrepreneurs and healers! Can’t wait til volume 2 comes out!”

Carla J.