Body Literacy for Women & Teens – Cycles and Reproductive Health



The workshop you wish you had when you were a young woman.

This workshop is designed to be attended by mothers with teen girls together, and will be tailored to their questions and interests.

It will be held on Zoom – link will be sent upon receipt of payment.



Body Literacy for Women & Teens – Cycles and Reproductive Health 

Two Hour Virtual Workshop

One of the most common things I hear from women when I work with menstrual cycle analysis is, why weren’t we told this before? Everything would’ve been different if I’ve been taught this as a teenager.

I am so passionate about this work, because I feel the same way. Unfortunately, much of allopathic medicine, fails young girls, as their bodies are ripening into their reproductive years. Dysfunction is labeled as normal, and they are prescribed hormonal birth control for everything under the sun.

The problem with this is hormonal birth control is toxic, and puts the reproductive system on shut down. Just like when a new engine first gets turned on it takes a while for the systems to coordinate for the oil to flow through all the valves, for the pressure to get equalized, and so it is with a young reproductive system. Hormones and blood cycles take time to normalize and regulate, and young women’s bodies are extremely sensitive to stress and environmental factors that create hormonal and cyclical disruption.

Without looking at the underlying causes, and blanket prescribing a whole generation of women a toxic drug is not a solution.

In this workshop, we will look at common reproductive system issues in young girls, and get to the bottom of the exercise, lifestyle, diet, and stress catalysts that may be present. It is my goal to teach young women and their mothers how to live in tune with their cyclical feminine bodies.

Unfortunately, we live in a male centric world where everything from medical research to exercise to diet fads all revolve around studies and science done on male bodies only and if they are done on women’s bodies, it’s often not women in the reproductive years.

What’s the point? To know and read your bodies fifth vital sign. The menstrual cycle is an incredible key to whole body health, not to mention when you heal your menstrual cycle and you become predictable and regular and symptom-free, you can also be an active participant in your fertility journey, knowing when you’re fertile, and when you’re not, and have way more autonomy around reproductive consequences.